Gibson Goldtone Les Paul Junior Amplifier

The Gibson Les Paul Junior Amplifier: a piece of guitar history!

The Gibson Goldtone Les Paul Jr. Amp recreates the GA-5, Gibson’s most popular amp in the 50’s. This is an early 2000’s reissue that was discontinued in 2008, so even these reissues can be pretty hard to find! You get the same vintage Class A tube design and sound. It also features point-to-point wiring, and produces 5W of burning Class A output. Like the original GA-5, it has an 8″ speaker and no controls other than a single volume knob. It has a wonderfully sensitive response and tone to die for. It is also easy to get great tube distortion without excessive volume.


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  • 5 Watts RMS
  • Dual inputs (Input #2 has 3dB pad)
  • Gibson Goldtone 8″ with ceramic magnet, 4 ohm speaker rated at 15 Watts RMS
  • Dual jack input – Hi and Lo sensitivity
  • Volume knob
  • Hand-wired point-to-point vintage style circuit board
  • Single-ended, Class A, cathode bias tube circuitry
  • Single channel ECC83/12AX7A tube preamp
  • One 6BQ5/EL84 tube for power amp
  • Solid State rectifier, universal power transformer