On The Local Pickup, we learn about guitars, guitar brands, guitar makers, and guitars players. We trade and sell vintage guitars and sell new curated brands online. Simply put, we just enjoy being around the instruments and the people.

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Episode 5: The Kay Vanguard – Genius or Fluke?

In this episode of The Local Pickup, Jason and Chris continue wearing red shirts and …

Pickup Comparison on a Gibson SG Standard

A great video from jAMMAN798 comparing the P90 pickups to the Humbuckers in a Gibson SG Standard.

1960s Italian (Japanese-Made) Melody

Melody was an Italian guitar maker that made guitars mostly for Eko. This is one …

Episode 3: Pronouncing and Storytelling on the Rickenbacker

In Episode 3 of The Local Pickup, Jason and Chris discuss the history of the …

Early 60s Egmond Bass Made in Holland

This is a Egmond bass made in Holland in the early 60s. Egmond didn’t have …

Eastwood Guitars Reboots The Mosrite

Eastwood Guitars reboots old guitar designs with modern guitar building techniques. So you get a cool …

2017 Danelectro 59 NOS Reissue of the 1959 Model

The Danelectro has one of the most fascinating stories in rock. They made amplifiers for …

Spooky Episode 16: Backlund Rockerbox from Eastwood Guitars

This Halloween, we curse you with a truly frightening episode. But is this a nightmare …

My Rickenbacker Guitar Heroes

I’ve heard people credit Les Paul with inventing the electric guitar, and I’ve heard people …

Episode 17: Fender Musicmaster Bass

This week, the guys take a look at this one-of-a-kind modded bass. The Fender Musicmaster …

2012 Mexican-Made Fender Telecaster Standard

Fender makes three versions of the Telecaster Standard. One is made in the United States …

58 Reissue Epiphone Flying V Korina (2009)

This guitar has not been played in any Rock Hill bands as of yet. It …

2009 USA Made Gibson SG Standard Ebony w/ Gibson Hard Shell Case

This is the Gibson SG Standard, made in the USA in 2009. It comes with …

Episode 11: The Gibson SG & a 1960s Kay Copy

It seems like no other guitar is as synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll as the …

Episode 9: 1960s Dutch Egmond Bass

Today we’re looking at a vintage Egmond bass guitar from the 1960s. Egmond was a …

1963 Teisco Del Rey Vintage Japanese Guitar

This is a 1963 Teisco Del Rey WG-2L. We dated this guitar from this Teisco Timeline …

Episode 8: 1928 Tricone at Heyday Music in Asheville NC

Today we’re getting into the second half of our conversation with Charles Gately, co-owner of …

2017 Silvertone 1478 Reissue of the 1963 Model

Silvertone, just like Danelectro, was a department store brand made to bring inexpensive guitars to …

Babies Martin & Taylor

It must be a playdate at the RevenFlo project shoot at the McCelvey Center! This …

OLP MM2 Music Man and his New Micah Troublefield

Happy day for Micah to have this OLP MM2 Music Man bass. He plays bass …

Takamine EAN 40C

I bought this guitar new in 2001 at a giant music store in Charlotte, NC. …

1960s Japanese Norma in Red Sparkle

This is a late 1960s Japanese-made Norma in sparkle red. Norma was started by Norman …

Episode 12: Summer NAMM 2019

Jason and Chris went to Nashville to see and play some of the “crazy” and …

1952 Gretsch Synchromatic Archtop Acoustic

This is a rare 1952 Archtop Acoustic Gretsch Synchromatic. The Gretsch serial numbers can be …

Episode 6: Gretsch 6117 at Heyday Music in Asheville NC

The Local Pickup hits the road with our first out-of-studio episode! Today, Jason is talking …

Danelectro 59 NOS Review from Phillip McKnight

Phillip McKnight reviews the Danelectro 59 NOS.

Episode 18: 1975 Guild Acoustic Guitar

This week the guys take a look at a 1975 Guild D-55. This is one …

An In-Depth Review of the Danelectro 59 NOS by YouTuber EytschPi42

YouTuber EytschPi42 gives a 26 minute in-depth review of the Danelectro. Great review!

2017 Midnight Blue 4003 Rickenbacker Bass

This is the Rickenbacker 4003 bass in Midnight Blue. It’s tough to get one of …

1979 Fender Stratocaster

This is a 1979 Fender Stratocaster. See the video and description below to see what …

1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco Sunburst

info coming…

Comparing the Mexican and American Telecasters

A great side-by-side comparison of the American Telecaster and the Mexican Telecaster by Darrell Braun Guitar. …

Santa Cruz Guitar Company to be on The Local Pickup

We are so excited to announce that Santa Cruz Guitar Company (SCGC) will be on …

Backlund Guitars to be on The Local Pickup!

We can’t thank Mike from Eastwood Guitars enough for the beautiful Backlund Rockerbox II in …

2002 Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster Daphne Blue

This is a very nice guitar. In the early 2000’s, Fender launched a classic series …

Episode 1: The Guitar that Started the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution

The Local Pickup is our new show about guitars and gear and the people who …

Overview of the Silvertone 1478 Reissue

Gear4music does a great overview of the Silvertone 1478 reissue.

Episode 2: Jason and Chris Get Personal with the Les Paul

In Episode 2 of The Local Pickup, Jason and Chris discuss the Les Paul, its …

2010s Gretsch G5422T Electromatic Double Cutaway Gorgeous Walnut

Gretsch G5422T Electromatic Hollow Body Double-Cutaway Walnut Serial number: 254156xxx This guitar is in excellent condition. …

Jason’s ’52 Reissue American Telecaster he Plays in Old Fighter

Jason Broadwater tells us about his beautiful honey blonde 2002 Fender Telecaster ’52 Reissue Made …

1953 Epiphone Century Archtop

This is a beautiful natural blond 1953 Epiphone Century Archtop. This guitar was made in the …

Eastwood Guitars will be on The Local Pickup!

We’re stoked about having Eastwood Guitars on The Local Pickup. We’re gonna be able to …

Chris talks Gibson SG – Best All Around Guitar

Chris Gervais, of Canyoneros fame from Rock Hill’s glory days of late 90s southern roots …

1970s Slingerland Drums

We got a nice set of Vintage 1970s Slingerland Drums for the studio. Here’s the …

Episode 14: ’57 Gretsch Rancher

This week, Jason and Chris (a couple fake cowboys) take a look at a 1957 …

VOX AD30VT Amplifier

According to Vox, the AD30VT was introduced in the US market in 2004 as a …

1963 Kay Vanguard

This vintage Kay Vanguard electric was made in the USA in 1963. The guitar is …

John’s BC Rich Warlock

We had John’s BC Rich Warlock with a Widow’s Peak headstock here at the studio …

Episode 13: Eastwood Guitars in Nashville, TN

On this episode, we sit down with Lincoln Smith of Eastwood Guitars in the Eastwood/Novo …

The Fender Telecaster – Simple Perfection

The Fender Telecaster is a legend. It’s working-man’s royalty among guitars. It has been, and …

1991 Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo

The Rickenbacker shown here in this post is a 330 Fireglo made in their home …

1964 Teisco Del Rey MJ-2L

We have a brilliantly playable 1964 Teisco Del Rey MJ-2L, dated with the information provided at …

Late 70s Soviet Ural 650 Guitar

Ural 650 This is a Ural 650 that was made in the Soviet Union in …

2003-6? (Limited Run) Gretsch G3161 Streamliner Historic Series Orange w/ Hard Shell Case

This is the Gretsch G3161 Streamliner Historic Series in that crazy beautiful Gretsch orange. This …

Novo Guitars will be on The Local Pickup!

We’re headed to Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, TN, and we’re going to have the …

1957 Gretsch 6022 Rancher

This beautiful Gretsch 6022 Rancher was made in Brooklyn, New York, in 1957. And Premier …

Episode 7: Ural 650 Soviet Era Rare Guitar

When they were first produced in the late 1970s in the USSR, only 25,000 of …

Late 1960s Kay K1 SG Made in Japan

Kay K1 SG Kay was a large guitar manufacturer in the US in their own …

Episode 15: Novo Guitars + Rivolta in Nashville

Novo Guitars + Rivolta Guitars + The Local Pickup   In Nashville at the Novo …

The Great Epiphone, The Pre-Gibson Years

Like seemingly most of the great beginnings in American History, the story of Epiphone begins …

Episode 4: 1960s Japanese Guitars

In Episode 4 of TLP, Jason and Chris talk about a few different guitars made …

Episode 10: 1952 Gretsch Synchromatic

In today’s episode of TLP, Jason and Chris are talking about a classic, all-American acoustic …

1960s Harmony H601 Lap Steel

1960s Harmony H601 Lap Steel 100% Original Works Great Sounds Fantastic New Strings Copper Finish …

The Local Pickup to Carry Airline Guitars

We’re so excited to announce that we here at the ol’ Local Pickup are partnering …