Guitar Setups & Minor Repairs

Guitar Maintenance in Rock Hill, SC

The Local Pickup provides guitar setups, guitar maintenance, and minor guitar repair to musicians and guitar owners in and around Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, and Lancaster, SC.  We provide guitar cleaning, stringing, tuning/intonation, technical adjustments, minor repair, and some modding services.

Guitar Setups

Each guitar set-up includes:

De-string, restring, and tune

Adjust truss rod

Adjust individual string nut heights

Intonate appropriately

Clean and condition the fingerboard

Polish frets

Tighten fittings

Clean electronics where needed

Guitar Repairs

Minor guitar repairs may include any minor work on

Frets & Neck

Nut & Saddle




If we feel the project’s needs are greater than our offerings, then we will make recommendations for specialized services.


Bench Fee – $25 (goes toward further work)

Basic Guitar/Bass Setup  – $55

Complex Guitar/Bass Setup – $75-$85

Strings – $8 guitar / $12 bass

Parts/Repairs – quoted per situation

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