How Our Consignment Program Works


We keep 20% of the sale price as our consignment fee. We pay for any and all merchant fees, including credit card fees, third-party fees (reverb, ebay, etc.). We cover any and all shipping and handling fees when selling to a remote buyer and will add these fees on to the sale price as is appropriate. We cover all fees associated with marketing — photography, writing, video, website, advertising, social media, and more.

Possession & Insurance

We document taking possession of your item and have ample insurance to cover your item while in our possession.

Setting a Price

After taking possession of your item, we send you back two prices. The lower price is what we call the bottom. This is the lowest price at which you are allowing us to sell the item. The higher price is where we plan to list the item (subject to change at our discretion). If we cannot agree on a bottom price, then we will just return your item and not continue with the consignment process.

Repair (and set-ups/strings)

Every item we sell at The Local Pickup is in working order, is clean, and is ready to be played/used. We will recommend (and provide an estimate for) any needed maintenance services and/or repairs for your item. With guitars, this will usually include a set-up, which we charge consignment customers a discounted fee of $35 (including strings). No payment is due from you for these services, instead they will be added to our fee when the guitar sells and taken out before your payout.

Your Approval

We will need your approval on the bottom price, as well as the services to be conducted to your item. If you do not approve, you will need to come and pickup your item. Any item left at The Local Pickup for longer than 90 days after notification that it needs to be picked up will be considered abandoned and will become the property of The Local Pickup.

Cancelling Our Consignment Program

You can cancel our consignment deal at any time. Any service fees for services that were approved and have already been done must be paid in full before retrieving your item(s).