1970s Sunn Studio Bass Amp

The Sunn Bass Studio Amp stands as an iconic testament to the golden era of bass amplification. Boasting a sleek and durable design, this amplifier exudes vintage charm with its classic black tolex covering and silver grille cloth. Its unmistakable warm and rich tonal characteristics have made it a favorite among bassists of the time and continue to captivate musicians today. Delivering a powerful yet nuanced sound, the Sunn Bass Studio Amp allows bass players to cut through the mix effortlessly, making it an essential cornerstone of numerous legendary recordings from that era. This timeless amplifier remains a cherished piece of musical history, a true embodiment of the spirit of 1970s rock and roll.


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Features & Specs

  • Tube Amplification: This 1970s Sunn Studio Bass Amp uses solid state technology, which contributes to its fantastic tone while requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Single Channel: This amp features a single channel design, with simple volume and tone controls to shape the sound.
  • Portability: This amp was designed to be relatively portable and lightweight, making it convenient for gigging and studio recording.
  • Black Tolex Covering: The classic black Tolex covering provides durability and a timeless vintage appearance.
  • Grille Cloth: The (originally) silver grille cloth adds to the amp’s retro aesthetic and protects the speakers.
  • Speaker Configuration: This amplifier features a single 15-inch speaker.
  • Line Output: Line output for connecting to external recording equipment or larger sound systems.
  • Minimalist Control Panel: The control panel includes straightforward knobs for volume, bass, and treble adjustments.
  • Power Output: This amp has a 140 watt power output.