Guitar Showroom in Rock Hill SC (Charlotte NC)

A nice place to sit and play our guitars, pedals, and amps.

Vintage, Used, Boutique

The Local Pickup
125 Caldwell Street, Rock Hill, SC.


    What To Expect

    In the showroom, you will see our curation of vintage guitars, as well as a sampling of the guitars, pedals, amps, and music related items that we carry at The Local Pickup. We encourage you to play and experience the instruments for yourself.

    Interested in a vintage guitar? Take the time to really play and feel the vintage instrument before making the investment. We also offer a seven-day return window to make sure you love what you get.

    Interested in our new guitar brands? Try out the models that we have here, and then order the exact one you want from our website. It can be delivered to you or to us for pickup.

    Interested in our pedals? Try before you buy!

    Pedals Currently Available in Our Showroom