SE DYNACASTER-U Dynamic Broadcasting Microphone

Turbo-charged with DYNAMITE for +30 dB of eruptive gain The all-in-one compact system with game-changing V SERIES capsule technology, now turbo-charged with DYNAMITE. Built like a Tank. All-Metal. Vastly Compatible. The DynaCaster: Galactic performance with down to earth prices. Whether you are hosting a podcast, livestreaming, or gaming with friends, from building a community on your favorite platform to tracking a song in the studio, the DynaCaster’s integrated DYNAMITE preamp and discreet three-layer pop filter makes the DynaCaster a modern studio companion with an undetectable footprint!


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Switchable DYNAMITE preamp provides +30 dB of transparent GAIN At the flick of a switch + phantom power (48V), the DynaCaster’s integrated DYNAMITE preamp instantly provides an eruptive +30 dB of clean and transparent gain. This not only makes the DynaCaster much louder than the typical dynamic microphone but also eliminates the need of expensive and bulky inline preamps. The DynaCaster is an integral part of the modern studio. Elegant design. Discreet form factor. Two acoustic trim switches offer six different equalization configurations Efficiently make your voice fuller and richer, reduce boominess or sibilance. Easily make fine adjustments for a clearer sound that stands out. The DynaCaster’s recessed EQ switch design allows peace of mind that your settings are protected against accidental adjustments when it’s go-time. Integrated three-layer pop filter for immediate plosive protection The DynaCaster’s streamlined design features an integrated level of protection against low-frequency “pops” thanks to its easily disassembled and sanitized three-layer pop filter (no soaking parts). In addition to providing a plosive-free work environment, the DynaCaster has the added benefit of obstruction-free camera shots considering you won’t need an external pop filter or chunky shock-mount anymore since it’s all built-in!