2009 USA Made Gibson SG Standard Ebony w/ Gibson Hard Shell Case

This is the Gibson SG Standard, made in the USA in 2009. It comes with a Gibson hardshell case that’s in very good shape as well. It may be the original case that came with the guitar, but I’m not sure about that.

This thing is a mean machine. I didn’t know how chunky sounding these things are. Sounds amazing. And it’s so light (especially to sound as big as a Les Paul).

This guitar has the usual players marks – hairline scratches on the pick guard, belt or button scratches on the back – but the action and frets are fantastic. It has one chip on the back of the neck that exposes white underneath the black. And it has a ding in the back. I tried to capture these with photos best I could.

The guitar sounds amazing, again, it’s a player… it even has upgraded tuning pegs. It has the Grovers, the best around, that stay in tune while you rock (versus the originals with the ivory pegs – they tend to come out of tune easily). We don’t have the originals.