This is the Guitarchive – a virtual guitar museum of all the guitars that have come through The Local Pickup and the info that we have on them.

1961 Gibson J-45

1961 Gibson J-45

1930s Slingerland Songster Acoustic Guitar

1930s Slingerland Songster

1970s Penco “Lawsuit” 335 Electric Guitar

1970s Penco “Lawsuit” 335

1963 Danelectro 3011 Shorthorn in Rock Hill, SC

1963 Danelectro 3011 Shorthorn

1936 Gibson L-75

1936 Gibson L-75

2010s Duesenberg Double Cat Electric Guitar

2010s Duesenberg Double Cat

1991 Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar

1991 Gibson J-200 Natural

1964 Fender Mustang

1969 Gibson J-45 Deluxe

1929 Gibson L-3

1976 Gibson Hummingbird (Red Burst)

2020 Eastwood Warren Ellis Bass