Gibson Guitars

Gibson is one of the biggest guitar makers in the world and one of the most well-respected brands in guitar making. From the early 1900s, Gibson has innovated in guitar making and put forward some of the most iconic guitar models in the history of the guitar.

Gibson Electric Guitars

The Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Junior
Gibson Les Paul Special
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
Gibson Les Paul Tribute

The Gibson SG

Gibson SG Standard
Gibson SG Special
Gibson SG Standard ’61 Reissue
Gibson SG Faded
Gibson SG Junior
Gibson SG Custom

The Gibson ES Series

Gibson ES-335
Gibson ES-339
Gibson ES-175
Gibson ES-330
Gibson ES-345
Gibson ES-355

The Gibson Explorer

Gibson Explorer
Gibson Explorer ’76 Reissue
Gibson Modern Explorer
Gibson E2 Explorer

The Gibson Flying V

Gibson Flying V
Gibson Flying V ’67 Reissue
Gibson Modern Flying V

The Gibson Firebird

Gibson Firebird
Gibson Firebird Studio
Gibson Firebird Tribute
Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird

Gibson Acoustic Guitars

The Gibson J-45

Gibson J-45 Standard
Gibson J-45 Custom
Gibson J-45 Studio
Gibson J-45 Vintage
Gibson J-45 True Vintage

The Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson Hummingbird Standard
Gibson Hummingbird Custom
Gibson Hummingbird Studio
Gibson Hummingbird Vintage
Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage

The Gibson Songwriter

Gibson Songwriter Standard
Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio
Gibson Songwriter Studio

J-200 Series

Gibson J-200 Standard
Gibson J-200 Studio
Gibson J-200 Vintage
Gibson J-200 Custom

Advanced Jumbo Series

Gibson Advanced Jumbo
Gibson Advanced Jumbo Mystic Rosewood

L-00 Series

Gibson L-00 Standard
Gibson L-00 Studio
Gibson L-00 Vintage

SJ Series

Gibson SJ-200 Standard
Gibson SJ-200 Studio
Gibson SJ-200 Vintage
Gibson SJ-200 Custom

L Series

Gibson L-1
Gibson L-2
Gibson L-3
Gibson L-4
Gibson L-5

Gospel Series

Gibson Southern Jumbo
Gibson J-185
Gibson J-35
Gibson J-45 Rosewood

GS Series

Gibson GS-1
Gibson GS-2
Gibson GS-5
Gibson GS-35
Gibson GS-85

Custom Shop

Gibson Custom Shop acoustic guitars offer a range of vintage-inspired, historically accurate, and limited-edition models across various Gibson platforms.

Gibson Models by Timeline


Gibson L-Series Acoustics

Gibson F-Series Mandolins

  • Gibson F-2
  • Gibson F-4


  • Gibson ES-150 (one of the earliest electric guitars)
  • Gibson L-5


  • Gibson J-45
  • Gibson SJ-200 (Super Jumbo 2000s


  • Gibson Les Paul
  • Gibson ES-335
  • Gibson Explorer
  • Gibson Flying V


  • Gibson SG
  • Gibson Firebird


  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom


  • Gibson ES-335 Dot
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard


  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Gibson ES-339

2000s – Today

  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional
  • Gibson SG Standard
  • Gibson Explorer 2019

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