1960 Silvertone 1303 U2

Bound sides, three-way switch, two pickups, two knobs (one for each pickup) that each have volume and tone control ability.

All original. This guitar plays great and sounds great. Low action, good frets, great neck, cool sound.  It has plenty of wear from being played and being 60+ years old.

Silvertone Guitars

The Silvertone brand dates back to 1916 when they were making hand-cranked record players for Sears. They started selling musical instruments later (in the 1950s). These instruments from the 1950s and 60s are sought after collectors items, as well as are finding a new kind of cool among contemporary musicians. Silvertone instruments and amplifiers were manufactured by various companies, including Danelectro, Valco, Harmony, Thomas, Kay, and eventually in Japan by Teisco.

Silvertone 1303 U2

These were made by Danelectro. They have that “Dano sound” due to their h0llow construction. They have what is called a “dolphin nose” headstock loved by some as unique and quirky.

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