Eastwood Guitars will be on The Local Pickup!

Edit: We now sell Airline, Backlund, and Rivolta guitars, three of Eastwood’s most successful lines, on our store.

We’re stoked about having Eastwood Guitars on The Local Pickup. We’re gonna be able to spend some time in their shop in Nashville just prior to Summer NAMM, hanging out and trying out some of their beautiful (and wild!) guitars. They make the coolest and wildest guitars I’ve seen on the market. Great 60’s kinda vibe!

Eastwood Guitars started with a passion for buying and selling rare electric guitars. These guitars were the coolest of cool, but they were hard to find and expensive to buy. Even more, they were all too often sketchy in quality and played poorly. So, Eastwood started making their own guitars inspired by favorite collectibles. They refine old designs for ultimate playability, and they use modern manufacturing techniques to make great quality instruments that can be sold at a reasonable price. If you want a “60s-cool” guitar, but you want it to be a nice guitar that plays well, then look no further than Eastwood Guitars.

Eastwood’s Custom Shop continues to innovate, and now they are designing guitars and then using crowdfunding tools to see which guitars people want to buy. They are putting out the coolest designs in the market. Check it out at EastwoodCustoms.com.

I like the Backlund series!

eastwood backlund guitar

eastwood rivolta eastwood backlund

Eastwood Guitars Ichiban Black Closeup