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Ibanez Guitars Timeline


Les Paul Copies: Ibanez gained prominence for producing high-quality replicas of popular American guitars.

Artist Series: Introduced in the late ’70s, the Artist series was a notable line of solid-body electrics.


JEM Series: Collaborating with Steve Vai, Ibanez introduced the JEM series in the late ’80s.

RG Series: Premiered in the late ’80s, the RG series became iconic for its shred-friendly features.

S Series: The S series, known for its thin body and sleek design, was introduced in the late ’80s.

Soundgear Series: Ongoing since the ’80s, the Soundgear series is known for its sleek and comfortable bass designs.

SR Series: Introduced in the ’80s but continued through the 2010s, the SR series remains a popular line of electric basses.


ATK Series: Introduced in the ’90s but continued in the 2000s, the ATK series features versatile and powerful bass guitars.

AZ Series: Introduced in the ’90s, the AZ series became known for its modern design and versatile tonal options.

BTB Series: Introduced in the ’90s but continued in the 2000s, the BTB series is known for its extended-range basses.

Ergodyne Series: Introduced in the late ’90s but had an impact in the 2000s, known for its unconventional ergonomic design.

Talman Bass Series: The Talman bass series, known for its retro styling, has been part of the Ibanez lineup since the ’90s.

Universe Series: Launched in the early ’90s, the Universe series featured 7 and 8-string guitars.


Artcore Series: Introduced in the early 2000s, the Artcore series includes a range of semi-hollow and hollow body guitars.

AFR Series: Introduced in the 2000s, the AFR series offers a distinctive, asymmetrical body shape.

AR Series: The AR series, with its classic double-cutaway design, has been present since the 2000s.

Prestige Series: A high-end line, the Prestige series has been a part of Ibanez’s offerings since the 2000s.

Iron Label Series: Introduced in the 2010s but gained popularity in the 2000s, the Iron Label series is known for its metal-oriented designs.


GRG Series: Introduced in the 2010s, the GRG series offers budget-friendly options with a focus on playability.

GWB Series: Introduced in the late ’90s but continued in the 2010s, the GWB series includes basses designed in collaboration with Gary Willis.

RG Premium Series: Introduced in the 2010s, the RG Premium series offers high-quality features within a more affordable range.

SRH Series: Introduced in the 2010s, the SRH series features hollow-body basses with a unique tonal character.

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Ibanez guitars epitomize a legacy of innovation and versatility that has made them a cornerstone in the world of musical instruments. Originating in Japan in the 1950s, Ibanez initially gained recognition for its high-quality replicas of classic American guitars, later evolving into a trailblazer of original designs. Renowned for their commitment to craftsmanship and playability, Ibanez has produced iconic series such as the RG, S, and JEM, collaborating with virtuosos like Steve Vai to create signature models that pushed the boundaries of guitar design and performance. From metal to jazz, Ibanez offers an extensive range of guitars catering to diverse genres and player preferences, including the Artcore series for hollow and semi-hollow enthusiasts, the Prestige series for high-end craftsmanship, and the Soundgear and SR series for bass players. Whether a beginner seeking an affordable yet reliable instrument or a seasoned professional in search of cutting-edge features, Ibanez continues to be a go-to choice for musicians worldwide, combining tradition with a forward-looking ethos.

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