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Guild D55

Guild D-55

Episode 28: 1959 Danelectro DC-1 Shorthorn

Recorded with Airline Guitars Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry Performs an Improvisation on our Airline Bass Guitar

Episode 27: 1930 Martin 2-17 “The #25”

halloween guitar sale

The Ghost of Rocktoweenber 3: Season of the Gretsch

Made-in-Mexico (MIM) Fender Telecaster

The Ghost of Rocktoweenber 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Ghost of Rocktoweenber

Hagstrom Viking I

Episode 25: 1962 Gibson LG-2 Acoustic

Santa Cruz Acoustic Guitar

Episode 23: Santa Cruz O.M. Acoustic Guitar

Gibson EB-2D

Episode 22: 1969 Gibson EB-2D Bass