VOX AD30VT Amplifier

According to Vox, the AD30VT was introduced in the US market in 2004 as a louder member of the AD Valvetronix Chrome series amps.

It’s 10″ speaker in a closed-back cabinet, and it is powered by a 30 watt Valvetronix amplifier circuit. The control panel is loaded with controls for eleven amp models, eleven pedal effects, and a two channel digital programmer.

The AD30VT is probably not loud enough for full band use, but in smaller settings, it holds its own. It’s really more of a low-volume session amp.

A neat feature on the rear panel power amp level control allows you to reduce the output power of the AD30VT all the way from 30 watts down to one watt. This way you can have a lower wattage when playing at lower volumes and crank it up when you need more noise.

This specific amp has been checked over, cleaned, and repaired by Guitar Jake himself in Rock Hill, SC. It’s in great working condition.