1930s Stella Concert

Parlor-sized (about 13.5″ across the lower bout). Body of solid slab-sawn birch. Poplar neck (?). Latter-braced. A fixed pin-bridge conversion (was originally a tailpiece and floating bridge).

This guitar has plenty of wear, but it is in great playing condition. The neck is straight, frets have been dressed, we keep silk and steel strings on it. It plays great.

Stella Guitars

Early Stella guitars were made by Harmony, which was at one time the biggest guitar maker in the US at one time. Stella has deep roots in modern music and in the blues specifically. Stella guitars were much more affordable than Martin or Gibson guitars, so they were often the first instrument purchased by young artists who went on to become the sound of the blues, in particular, but also commonly heard in country and folk and jazz, as well.

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