Tag - 1960s

1961 Panoramic by Crucianelli Electric Guitar

Episode 43: 1961 Panoramic by Crucianelli

1960s Unbranded Japanese Electric Guitar Demo

Demo of a 1960s Unbranded Japanese Electric Guitar

1961 Panoramic Electric Guitar

Demo of a 1961 Panoramic Made in Italy

Demo of a 1963 Fender Duo-Sonic

Neil Mauney (Ageless)

1964 Fender Mustang

1964 Fender Mustang

Episode 41: 1964 Fender Mustang

The Local Pickup Artist Series: Neil Mauney (One)

Neil Mauney (One)

1962 Gibson LG-2

1964 Panoramic Italian by Crucianelli

1964 Fender Mustang

Demo of a 1964 Fender Mustang

Slade Baird (Great Day In The Morning!)