Audio Recording Studio in Rock Hill

The Studio

The Local Pickup Studio is a small studio located in Old Town Rock Hill, SC.  We produce our own audio and video in this studio. We produce artist content. And we rent the use of the space and equipment (engineer included) to bands and artists for tracking or just practice.

Do It Yourself

Our Do-It-Yourself song tracking studio lets you just bring your laptop (with audio recording software) and plug right into our 16-track recording studio. We provide the audio interface, the pre-amps, the microphones, the stands, the cables, and even amplifiers if you want to use them. For an extra charge, we can provide vintage instruments and even a well-tuned drum kit. Not only will you have the space and all the equipment you need for quality song tracking, you will also be greeted by an audio assistant who will get you set up and started, as well as stay on-site and be available as needed for the duration of the rental period. When you finish, unplug your laptop and take all that you recorded with you to be mixed wherever and whenever you choose.