The Local Pickup (TLP) offers layaway on sales of $400 or greater. Here are our layaway terms:

  1. TLP requires a deposit from the buyer of one quarter (1/4) of the total sale cost (purchase price +5% layaway fee + taxes + shipping).
  2. TLP establishes with the buyer a unique payment plan not to exceed 12 months in duration to pay the full amount due.
  3. If a scheduled payment is seven business days late, TLP has the right to cancel the purchase.
  4. If TLP cancels the purchase, TLP will refund any money paid by the buyer, except the deposit. The deposit is non refundable.
  5. The buyer has the right to payoff the full amount and complete the purchase at any time.
  6. The buyer has the right to make extra payments toward the amount due.
  7. Once the purchase is completed (all due money paid in full), the guitar will be delivered either via shipping or scheduled pickup.