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Axis: A budget-friendly version of the iconic Music Man Axis guitar, offering versatile tones and playability.

John Petrucci: An affordable signature model designed in collaboration with Dream Theater’s guitarist, John Petrucci.

MM1: A budget version of the Music Man Axis, featuring a double-locking tremolo system and humbucking pickups.

MM2: An OLP bass model, known for its simplicity and value-oriented design.

Silhouette: A cost-effective version of the Music Man Silhouette, offering a versatile range of tones.

StingRay: A budget-friendly adaptation of the iconic Music Man StingRay bass, known for its distinctive sound and design.


MM3: A guitar model designed to emulate the Music Man JP6, capturing John Petrucci’s signature sound and features.

MM4: An OLP bass model, providing a budget-friendly alternative to the Music Man StingRay.

Ray: A bass model inspired by the Music Man StingRay, delivering classic bass tones and playability.

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OLP (Officially Licensed Product) Guitars emerged as a brand aiming to provide budget-friendly alternatives to the renowned models produced by Ernie Ball Music Man. Established in the late 1990s, OLP focused on creating affordable replicas of iconic instruments, catering to musicians seeking quality instruments at more accessible price points. Throughout the 2000s, OLP released guitar and bass models inspired by notable designs like the Music Man Axis, Silhouette, and StingRay. These instruments aimed to capture the essence of the original models while making them attainable for a wider range of players. Although the OLP brand faced discontinuations and shifts in ownership, its legacy endures as a reminder of the pursuit to democratize quality musical instruments without compromising on performance or design.

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