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RightOn! Straps is a Spanish guitar strap company that makes beautiful, comfortable guitar straps. It was borne out of an artisan leather company, but quickly grew to provide vegan and non-leather straps as well. Their straps each have a unique personality and are built to last. We’re proud to carry their products at The Local Pickup!

RightOn! Vegan and Non-Leather Guitar Straps

RightOn! carefully crafts straps out of all kinds of materials, each designed to showcase the player’s personality. Whether you play guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, or any other handheld string instrument, RightOn!’s vegan straps will serve you well. Shop these guitar straps below.

RightOn! Premium Leather Guitar Straps

RightOn! Straps was borne out of a family leatherworking business, which made handbags, briefcases, belts, and more for countless European designers. They take this expertise into crafting their premium leather guitar straps, which are ethically-sourced and built to last. Check out these leather straps below.

RightOn! Premium Leather Guitar Straps for sale: