The Commodore 64 of the Portable Recording Revolution

The AW4416 is the Commodore 64 of the portable recording revolution. It hit the market as an affordable (though expensive to us upstarts who bought one) solution to record professional music from stem to stern. I bought this one in 2002, and I recorded full bands on it, mixed the recordings, mastered the recordings, and burned them to a CD-R that I would then dup in a little CD copy machine, and I would micro-mass produce copies of our CD. It was crazy cool at the time.

Nowadays, it seems there’s no reason not to go into a computer and use software for all of your mixing and more. This thing doesn’t have a USB. It has SCSI, though the slots on the back of the machine are removable and there are other parts on the market for the AW4416 where you can change the outputs and such. That’s a tinkerer’s market for sure. But for those of you who are into that kind of thing. This is a great machine.

Check out this 2002 brochure on the Yamaha AW4416!

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