Sell Your Vintage Guitars, Used Guitars & Gear


We purchase vintage guitars, used guitars, and used musical instruments and gear. Feel free to contact us about what you have.


We also consign vintage guitars, used guitars, and gear. See details below.

Consignment Details

First, we assess the guitar or gear and determine if we are interested in it. If we are interested in an item, we put it into one of these three categories:

Category One:
We want to do an episode of the show on the instrument, then we want to sell it for you.

Category Two:
We do not want to do an episode with the instrument, but we do want to sell it for you.

Category Three:
We do not want to do an episode with the instrument, nor do we want to sell it, but we would like to document and post about the instrument (do some social/blog posts about it).

Next, we take control of the instrument (you leave it with us), and we research the instrument:

  • We put a value on the instrument.
  • We photo and document the instrument.
  • We do some social posts about the instrument.

If the item is a Category Three item (just documentation), then we are done with the item at this point.

For Category One and Two (instruments we want to sell), we provide you with our required minimum sell price. This is the minimum amount of money for which we can sell the instrument.

If we are in agreement on the required minimum sell price (see assessment section), then we sign The Local Pickup’s standard consignment contract.

For Category Two instruments (just selling), we take control of the instrument at the signing of the contract. We then list the product and work to sell it.

For Category Three instruments (that will be on the show and then sold), we determine with you the timelines for taking control of the item, shooting the episode with the item, releasing the episode with the item, and listing the item for sale. Please know it may be a few months before we shoot the episode for a particular instrument, then a couple more before the episode will air.

When an item sells, we wait until we have collected the money and passed the return window. Then, we pay out the owner according to our formula.

Payout Formula

Sell Amount

minus Expenses (strings, any needed repair/set-up)

minus Platform Fees (Reverb, Ebay, etc.)

minus Consignment Percentage (15% with minimum $50)

equals Owner’s Payout.

One reason people want to work with The Local Pickup is the opportunity for cooperative marketing. If we have your instrument on our show and consign it, then we will (subject to our discretion) market you and/or your project/business as part of the process. This could be your band, your company, or even your nonprofit of choice. We believe that positive, authentic marketing is of cumulative and lasting value.