Recorded with Airline Guitars

We loan an Airline guitar to a local musician, and they make a video with it. We never know what we are gonna get back.

NONDENOM Performs “4horsemen” on our Airline H78
Xin Performs “Airline Ambient” on our Airline H78
Jason Poore Performs an Original Jam on our Airline H78
Chris Gervais performs “Cry Little Sister” on our Airline Map DLX
Coughing Dove Performs “Spoonbender” on our Airline Map DLX
Recorded with Airline Guitars Mike Gentry
RWAG w/ Mike Gentry
Recorded with Airline Guitars Chris Gervais
RWAG w/ Chris Gervais (Exile on My Street)
RWAG w/ Jason Broadwater (Just Fine)
RWAG w/ NONDENOM (Old Bones)
RWAG w/ Jason Broadwater

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