TLP Bass Pick


TLP Bass Pick


The Local Pickup worked with Gravity Picks out of Los Angeles to design our very own bass pick. We are guitarists at heart around here, but we also play bass, and we designed this pick for people like us. We feel your pain. We need a bass pick that is not a foreign object, but that can hold up to the task of playing bass. And we need it to sound great. We need it to sound like fingers when the song calls for it, and we need to dig in when needed. So, we designed the perfect bass pick for guitarists like us. We went with hand-carved acrylic (very hard) but with a relatively thin size for a bass pick (2mm). Giving us a thinner pick that is hard enough to dig in on bass (and is indestructible). The acrylic is smooth to the touch and nicely rounded, which gives you a smooth finger-style sound when you play and helps control volume fluctuation between low and high notes. The pick sounds great, feels great, and will last forever. We think it’s the perfect bass pick.

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