Hagstrom Alavar Compact Semi-Hollow Body. Swedish Frost Gloss Finish


Hagstrom Alvar Swedish Frost

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Within Norse Mythology of millennia far past, the warrior-elf god Alvar was a distinguished mighty warrior. As Legend tells us, Alvar held a storm of emotion within his calm exterior, and was the perfect role model as a true best friend that could always be relied upon.

Hagstrom Guitars proudly present the Hagstrom Alvar, the smaller brother of the Hagstrom Viking which perfectly lives up to its Norse origins as the Elf Warrior. A true best friend and fellow fighting companion.

This semi-hollow bodied instrument in its petite body size, will be a perfect match for players searching for a semi-hollow in a smaller compact form. While it shares so many elements of its larger bodied sibling, the Alvar is a reigning force despite its diminutive proportions and elements.

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