Vox Valvetronix-9
Vox Valvetronix-2
Vox Valvetronix-3
Vox Valvetronix-4
Vox Valvetronix-5
Vox Valvetronix-7
Vox Valvetronix-1
Vox Valvetronix-9
Vox Valvetronix-8
Vox Valvetronix-6

2000s Vox Valvetronix Modelling Amp


This amp has plenty of aesthetic scratches and flaws. But it works great! It’s got features that are unsurpassed in this price range. Eleven replicated amplifiers. Eleven presets.  2 programmable channels (programs) for saving combinations of amp and effect settings. Eleven high-quality 24-bit effects. Noise reduction. A “Tap” button. Simple control layout. Line/headphone jacks. Custom-designed Vox speakers. Selectable output power.

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