1967 Guyatone LG-150T

This 1967 Guyatone LG-150T in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The guitar sounds great. And it’s shocking how clean it is. It’s Excellent++ condition wise. And it plays great – low action, straight neck, no buzz. The tuners work great as well and hold tune. Overall great guitar. Hard to find these in this kind of condition. This guitar’s design was clearly inspired by Mosrite guitars (from Bakersfield California), which were enormously popular in the new genre of surf rock.


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About Guyatone

Founded in 1933, Guyatone was one of the earliest Japanese “modern” music companies. They started as an offshoot of a cabinet-maker, manufacturing acoustic and Hawaiian guitars. By the late ’30s, however, they were making Rickenbacker copies, inching their way into the brand new electric guitar business.

In 1951, the company started making amps and turntable cartridges, which proved very successful for business. They soon changed their name to Tokyo Sound Company in order to better reflect their many areas of business, but their guitars and amps kept the Guyatone name.

In the mid-’50s, they ramped up production of guitars and amps, riding a wave that would carry them even further into the future. In the ’60s, they increased production again, opening up several more factories in Japan to keep up with demand. Something that set them apart from other Japanese guitar manufacturers at the time was the fact that they made all of their guitars¬†and pickups in house until 1970, when a decline in sales forced them to start contracting work to other manufacturers.

The LG-150 was created in ’67, when sales were first starting to decline for Guyatone. They adopted a model that had been working for other Japanese guitar manufacturers and started copying popular American designs. With a light, laminated body that looks like a melted version of a Mosrite Ventures, it almost looks like a Manga drawing of a Mosrite, the LG-150 is a must-have for 1960s Japanese guitar collectors.

Background info from TYM Guitars.