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Vintage Gibson Guitar GS-85
1941 Vintage Guitar
1941 Used Guitar
1941 Gibson Vintage GS-85 Guitar for sale North Carolina
1941 Gibson Vintage GS-85 Guitar for sale South Carolina
1941 Gibson Vintage GS-85 Guitar
Vintage Gibson
Vintage Gibson GS-85 1941
Vintage Gibson GS-85
1941 Gibson GS-85 for sale Charlotte
1941 Gibson GS-85 for sale
1941 Gibson GS-85
1941 Gibson GS-85
1941 Gibson

1941 Gibson GS-85


This is a very rare guitar. It’s one of twenty-seven Gibson GS-85s made with Indian Rosewood back and sides. Gibson apparently also made thirty-three GS-85s with Mahogany back and sides, totaling only sixty GS-85s made in all, from 1938-1942. This one was made in 1941 (Factory Order Number: 3383G-1).

The Gibson GS-85 is a classical flattop guitar. And this one is in excellent condition. We know its history starting in 1963 when it was purchased by a young college student. In the following year, this young man came home to the top of the guitar being damaged. So, he sent it to Gibson, and Gibson replaced the top of the guitar with a beautiful top with intricate wood inlays around sound hole.

We acquired this guitar from that very same college student, now in his seventies. He is not able to play due to issues with his hands, and he is passing this treasure on lovingly and hopes it lands in the hands of someone who will both play it and care for it.

The guitar is completely original, aside from what Gibson did at the factory in 1964. Originally, the top would have had mostly pearl inlays around the sound hole (versus the wooden inlays it has now). This guitar plays like a new, high-end guitar… just wonderful. And it sounds like a dream. See demo video (coming).

You can demo this product and more at The Local Pickup guitar showroom in Rock Hill, SC (Charlotte, NC).

This item is available in our showroom in Old Town Rock Hill, SC. Visit our showroom.

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  • 14 ½” wide classical flattop body
  • East Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Elaborate wood marquetry center back strip
  • Tie-style East Indian rosewood bridge with ornamental ends and two mother-of-pearl dot inlays
  • Mahogany neck
  • Classic “open book” headstock shape
  • Mother-of-pearl “crude-large” Gibson logo
  • Fleur-de-lis peghead inlays
  • Three-on-a-strip open back tuners with classical-style string posts and white buttons
  • “Double-nut” (nut and zero-fret)
  • 19 fret ebony fingerboard (12 frets clear of the body)
  • White & black binding on body top and back edges