Hello The Holiday

A holiday song by RevenFlo and friends.

Vocals – Mariah van Kleef
Lead Guitar – Jason Poore
Keys/Beats – David Frick
Bass – Timothy McFall
Guitar – Chris Gervais
Mandocaster – Jason Broadwater

Live Audio – Josiah Blevins
Audio Mixing – Jason Broadwater
Video – Micah Troublefield

Song written and arranged by Jason Broadwater.
Project sponsored by Eastwood Guitars.


Hello the holiday
So happy you came to play
Isn’t it sweet
Family and treats
Just like the wise folks say
All we need is love
Each, all, and heaven above

Pull up your boots, y’all
Let’s go and make snowballs
We’ll sled in the streets
Find snow we can eat
Oh just to be with y’all
All we need is love
Maybe sweaters and gloves

Here we are one year later
Put dressing and ham on your plate or
Go for the sweets
There’s plenty to eat
We can sing songs together like
All we need is love
And the one ‘bout the dove

Later the rooms are more quiet
A chair in a corner, you eye it
To get off your feet
And drift off to sleep
Oh just to be together
All we need is love
Each, all, and heaven above