2012 Gibson ES-335 Dot Satin Cherry

  • Model : Gibson Custom ES-335
  • Serial : 10442719
  • Year of Manufacture : 2012
  • Weight : 8.37lbs
  • Body : Maple
  • Neck : Mahogany
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood

This guitar is completely original. No breaks, cracks, or repairs. This guitar is in excellent condition both aesthetically and in playability. Everything is in perfect working order. It sounds wonderful and plays great.


The case is in excellent condition except the satin part that lays over the guitar has been picked at up near the headstock (looks like from sharp string ends or something. It does not affect the cases performance at all.

According to the serial number this guitar was made at the Gibson Nashville Plant, TN, USA, on February 13th, 2012. It was production number 419 of that year.

The Gibson ES-335

The First Semi-Acoustic 

Ted McCarty, president of Gibson Guitars from 1950 to 1966, regards the ES-335 and the Les Paul as his two greatest achievements. The 335 was the first archtop semi-acoustic guitar, and it changed the landscape of the fretted instrument market as it bridged the gap between the hollow and solid-bodied electrics. The model combines the practicality of a solid body guitar without sacrificing the tonality of a hollow body. The guitar is designed with a center block, and this solid center gives the string tone a longer sustain and suppresses feedback at higher volumes. Establishing a new ceiling for sound, the ES-335 maintains an unmatched standard. 

ES-335: Specific Makeup and Features

Consumers have sought after the versatile Gibson ES tone for over 60 years. The ES-335 has a solid maple block running through the center with side “wings” formed by the two hollow cutaways and two violin style f-holes over the chambers. This construction allows for the tonal quality of a solid-body guitar with the sound reverberating into the wings. The twin Gibson Calibrated T-type humbucking pickups paired with a hand-wired control assembly results in the precise intonation of the instrument. The Vintage Deluxe tuners with Keystone buttons, the lightweight Aluminum ABR-1 bridge, and Stop Bar tailpiece provides its tuning stability. Perhaps one of the most important guitars ever created by Gibson, the ES-335 will please the most demanding and experienced musicians. 

ES-335: The Standard for Other Successes

Because of its instant success, the Gibson ES-335 inspired several variations following the original release. The ES-335 Pro, ES-335TD CRS, and CRR models were equipped with Gibson “Dirty Fingers” humbuckers. The ES-347 and ES-369, feature a coil split switch which allows for a “single coil” sound. The ES-345, designed most similarly to the 335, featured a multi-position “Varitone” switch which added various combinations of inductors and capacitors to the electronic pickup circuit of the guitar to alter its resonant frequency. The Trini Lopez signature model was also inspired by the ES-335, featuring narrow sound holes instead of f-holes, a headstock with all the tuners on one side, and diamond inlays. The ES-335 has become a grand standard that has influenced the industry and remains in demand by consumers. 

ES-335: Suited For Professionals

This iconic, vintage item is widely considered a guitar for professionals. It is ideal for consumers looking for an exceptional instrument. The Gibson ES-335 has been suited to almost every genre including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, and R&B. This model would become Lucille, the trademark guitar of B.B. King. Eric Clapton also carried a classic, cherry red ES-335 throughout his career in the 1960s. Other notable guitarists include Chuck Berry, Dave Grohl, and Freddie King among a huge community of high-profile celebrity musicians.

The Gibson ES-335 Today

The Gibson ES-335 remains one of the most popular guitars today and is still being produced by the brand. If you are looking for a versatile, professional piece, the ES-335 is a great guitar.

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