1964 Teisco Del Rey MJ-2L

We have a brilliantly playable¬†1964 Teisco Del Rey MJ-2L, dated with the information provided at TeiscoTwangers.com (great site!). This guitar is super cool looking of course (as most of these 60s Japanese guitars are), but it is also as wonderfully playable as any nice guitar should be. We have invested in making it so. We try to keep everything original on these guitars (and on this one we haven’t changed anything – it’s completely original, as far as we can tell). And we do whatever repairs or cleaning is necessary (on this one, we just worked on the frets and cleaned the electronics). The electronics are very clean and nice. The frets needed cleaning around them (and even under one of them). There was also some deadness around the 10th fret that we fixed. The guitar already had great action so no adjustments needed there, and the neck is straight as an arrow.

The neck on this guitar is one of my favorite. It is a big chunky neck that feels great in your hand. Pickups are microphonic pick-ups, and they have those sounds that you may be after if reading this – that warm clean sound and that massive chunky distorted sound. They nail it.

We have this guitar set up with 8 gauge strings (believe it or not), and it plays them very well – no buzzing or jangling. Though I would say the guitar is probably ultimately better suited for maybe 10s, but each player has his or her preferences on that of course.

The guitar looks great and just plays beautifully well, plus it has that unmistakable vintage 60s Japanese pickup sound that I just love.